The McIntyre Class Globe 5.80 one design concept starts with the design of a simple, fun to sail plywood-epoxy yacht, that anyone can build, anywhere in the world.

Conceived by Don McIntyre and designed by Polish Sailor, Designer Janusz Maderski (who specialises in small ocean-going yachts), hull number 01 “TREKKA” was constructed in Poland.

Having an LOA of 5.80m x beam 2.23m and draft 1.4m, average speeds over 100 miles a day are expected. With keel, rudder and spars removed, everything fits easily inside a standard 20ft shipping container. The McIntyre Class Globe 5.80 can legally be towed on its own road trailer with keel attached. It can sail from anywhere and transport to or from any country with ease.

Capable of fast, efficient solo (or even two-handed) transocean voyages, this new McIntyre Class Globe 5.80 opens a new chapter in adventurous, affordable ocean racing. Full construction plans are €300 including initial class registration. A builders group ‘forum’ has been established and is available to all those registered.

The main structure can be built by one or two people with little experience and basic tools in 550hrs, or a few months. National associations will be encouraged and McIntyre Class Globe 5.80 offshore and ocean events (club racing, mixed gender, crewed and shorthanded) supported, in those countries where fleet numbers grow.

In 2027 all owners will be invited to Europe to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original Mini Transat. The first McIntyre Class Globe 5.80 Transat Race took place in November 2021 and a Mini Globe Race around the world will take place in 2025.