A class yacht so unique, so cool, it’s incomparable.

The McIntyre Class Globe 5.80 is a simple, affordable, safe, extreme-weather, ocean-capable, easily handled, fun to sail (and build) fully self-righting yacht!

Features include basic plywood epoxy construction, bow crash box, three watertight compartments, six full frames, two watertight bulkheads, pine stringers and oak floors.

The hull is covered with sustainable plantation 10mm plywood – a central bottom strip of plywood 20mm and deck covered with 8mm. The hull is then laminated with epoxy and glass.

A 142° point of vanishing stability with central, strong skeg supported outboard rudder with three sets gudgeons and pintles, allowing simple effective trim tab wind vane steering.

A simple overbuilt steel fabricated keel with lead bulb, two x 2m bunks (bunks on the cabin sole, or an athwartship bunk by lifting a floor panel).

A secure comfortable cockpit, two transom balancing dagger boards, quick closing companionway hatch/door (Or 50 x 50 deck hatch closure) with 360-degree visibility observation cab with 1.6m headroom under and 1m headroom while sitting on a bunk.

The ‘Mini Mini’

A 50 x 50 foredeck hatch, dorade/dome vents, 20 x 20 deck hatch, ample hand holds, strong stanchions and rails, two bow towing cleats, dedicated storage of 4-man ISO ocean liferaft in cockpit (cannister) or down below (Plastimo “Classe Globe Valise” only). Watertight bunk hatches. A Selden ocean spec mast for extreme conditions with screwed lower pull apart sleeve to fit 20ft container, removable bow sprit, storm rig running backstay and removable storm jib baby stay. Able to safely carry all up weight of items not permanently bolted on boat including two sailors, 40 days food, water, sails, safety equipment up to 575kg! Or club race with 3 or 4! (can fit marine or portable toilet in forepeak if required).

DWL displacement1145kg
Average light ship displacement1000-1043kg
Complete hull deck structure535kg
Keel with bulb244kg
Rudder, 2 x fins34kg
5.80 SS safety pack9kg
Bowsprit SS/timber6kg
Sailing deck gear15kg
Mast boom, running, standing rigging37kg
Stainless rails, hand holds15kg
Deck hatches × 3 and watertight door21kg
Bilge pumps x 3 and hoses, outlets7kg
185amp batteries60kg
Electrical system inc solar9kg
Electronics and radios7kg
Anchor, chain, rope16kg
Safety gear5kg

Max. 5 people onboard @ 75kg each, day sailing. Maximum displacement DWL-6cm. 1596kg.

The following represent the concept notes for TREKKA II Globe 5.80 (Hull No. 01) for Don McIntyre and built in Poland.

Comments from Designer Janusz Maderski

I only design sailboats. Piotr Czarniecki started building the first Globe 5.80 last week in Warsaw. Piotr is an experienced boatbuilder and sailor. In 2014 Piotr built the 5m Atom and started in Setka Atlantic Challenge 2016. He sailed the Atlantic Sagres – Tenerife – Martinique in 32 days. 

The Globe 5.80 is a continuation of the concept of a 5m Setka boat. In the photos and videos are Setka boats taking part in the Setka Atlantic Challenge. So far, boats have crossed the Atlantic 13 times. Always without failure.

Here is more information about the boat that is the progenitor of the Globe 5.80.

The Globe 5.80 is 70cm longer and 10cm wider. Globe 5.80 has a strong plywood construction adapted to amateur construction that should be simple and inexpensive, and the boat should be very solid and safe. Globe 5.80 is traditionally built on frames and stringers. The hull is covered with 10mm plywood, the deck with 8 mm plywood and the keel belt with 20 mm plywood. All joints are reinforced with epoxy-glass laminate from the outside. Then the entire hull is covered with glass and epoxy. The mast, rigging, and ballast keel as well as the rudder can all be made independently by the owner or they can be ordered by a specialist worker. This is not an ultra-light boat. It has to sail fast, but not at the price of safety.

Best wishes,

Janusz Maderski
Designer of Class Globe 5.80 and Setka 5m Ocean Racer