South Atlantic Windvanes are supporting all Globe 5.80 sailors with a special package and special price discount for their really neat servo pendulum wind vane self steering system.

I have been involved with self steering gears for 45 years as a heavy user of various brands and Aries Australian distributor for over a decade.

Your Mini Dreaming

For my Globe 5.80, I considered all available self steering units on the market. I wanted fast reaction times, absolutely bulletproof construction, total reliability, not excessively heavy and importantly value for money. The objective was to select a system that will do at least two Transats, an AZAB and then the 2023 Mini Globe Race. The standout unit was the South Atlantic 301 S, so I ordered one in time to be ready for the launch of my 5.80 TREKKA. While discussing the mounting system with the designer builder he became very excited about the Class and adventures and offered a special deal for me and an exclusive package with custom mounts for the 5.80 transom and discounts for all Globe 5.80 sailors.

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Special Class Globe 5.80 package will include:

  • Custom stainless steel mounting brackets for Class 5.80
  • 2 water paddles
  • 2 air-vanes
  • 1 air-vane for heavy weather
  • Bearings set (body and shaft)
  • 1 complete push rod and push rod connectors and tools (Allen keys)

The usual price for a standard 310 S vane is €1500. Globe 5.80 owners will receive a solid discount.

If you have the budget, contact me and I can give you the discount code. I am more than happy to put my name to this gear as just right for your future adventures. Sailing solo with the ultimate crew member is a dream come true.