Globe 5.80 Priority Sail Orders

In early May 2021, 10 full sets of 5.80 sails were scheduled for production at the Quantum loft for delivery mid-late August. These are the first sails available. Between now and July 3rd order priority is given first to paid-up entrants of the Globe 5.80 Transat. From July 5th, sail registrations/orders will then be given to builders who have a mast on order from any supplier and be taken on a first come first served basis.  

We order 5.80 sails five sets at a time initially, so please book your sails at least three months ahead of when you think you may need them.

Globe 5.80 Mast and Sail Registration Process

All Globe 5.80 mast, boom and rigging details must be registered with Class Globe 5.80 to ensure they comply with 5.80 Class specifications.

If you are buying the Selden self-assembly pack, we have it. If you are buying a Sparcraft mast same as TREKKA we have it. The final design specification with all key measurements particularly boom, gooseneck-mast interface and set back, provided on the Mast Registration Form. A clear cross section drawing of mast and boom section with specifications and sail tracks shown as well as photos and or drawings of the stainless steel bowsprit supports must be provided. 

Note: the sail dimensions are One Design and will never change, so if building your own mast, it is your responsibility to make sure the sails you choose fit. 

All Globe 5.80 One Design sails you want to order must first be registered with Class Globe 5.80 on the Official Mast and Sail Registration and Order Form to process the special pricing negotiated exclusively with our partner Quantum Sails.

You cannot talk with Quantum about your sails until you are registered and have placed an order with us first. A sail registration fee is paid with each Order and Registration through the 5.80 shop, depending on the number of sails ordered. Registering your complete set of five or six sails at one time is the most economic and recommended.

One sail registration€160
Two sails registration€240
Three sails or more registration€300
2nd replacement sails50% registration reduction

Unique individual sail registration numbers will be attached to each sail and signed off by the official 5.80 measurer. All registration numbers are held by the Globe 5.80 International Class Association. Once the registration process is complete, details checked, reg. numbers allocated, all your data and order is passed direct to Quantum Sails USA. You are ordering your sails from Quantum Sails USA, NOT from Class Globe 5.80. Quantum Sails provide all warranty through a network of global lofts. Copy of warranty is HERE. Quantum performance coaches from your local loft are available to sail with you to help get the most from your sails, but you pay for their time. All sail specifications were developed jointly by Don and Quantum Sails. Your 5.80 sail design was completed after sailing trials on TREKKA II and are good to go straight out of the bag!   

Quantum will generate your order from your 5.80 Sail Registration and Order Form and contact you for the first time with your detailed invoice, including freight cost for your sails and banking details for payment. This will include the cost of your standard extras. They will also provide a delivery date. A colour selection sheet available HERE for the A5 and HERE for the A3 is provided for you to fill and return with any sponsor logos or graphics that will be quoted separately. You should NOT contact Quantum Sails at any time prior to this.

All Globe 5.80 sail specifications are identical and cannot be changed. Some of the specific information you need to provide with your sail registration and order are:

  1. Nationality for mainsail Flag. Optional Luff Cars (compression slides standard). Spare mainsail battens.
  2. Headsail reefing system bolt rope dimension.
  3. Optional Anti-twist Luff for A5 furling. If you have a Blue Shark furler you need this.
  4. Optional Rutgerson batten cars US $248.01.

EXCLUSIVE Globe 5.80 Export Sail Prices (Feb 1st 2022)

MainsailUS $1195.80
JibUS $474.61
Furling JibUS $538.10
Storm JibUS $323.83
A3US $672.36
A5US $602.85
A5 anti-twist luffUS $142.00
Boom CoverUS $203.21
Rutgerson luff carsUS $248.01
Spare battens, taperedUS $47.06
Spare battens, untaperedUS $37.66
Furling VelcroUS $26.02

Freight Grid for individual sails: (Price June 2021 For reference only)

DescriptionUSAEUAUSNZSouth Africa
Main inc. National flag72.2982.85108.5763.17160.99
Jib w/ reef51.9659.5568.3745.4115.71
Furling Jib45.9352.6465.2640.14102.3
Storm Jib39.9145.7451.5734.8788.88
Main Cover19.5822.4426.6617.1143.6

EXAMPLE: estimated cost for a full set of 5 Globe 5.80 sails delivered to your door inc. all taxes to a European 5.80 sailor: €4200 EX VAT

Add 5.80 sail/rig registration cost, €300 total cost €4500

The usual cost for world class Quantum Sails around €6500, saving around €2000.

Because of challenges with supplying sails into Brazil, Argentina and Chile, special arrangements are being planned with the local Quantum lofts. Costs are yet to be finalised but the specifications will be identical in all respects using exactly the same patterns and cloth/hardware. Freight is tough to South Africa at US$522 but the savings are real.