Some of the most successful small yacht, one design classes use one design sails produced by one licensed International sailmaker (ensuring consistency of build) who is awarded an EXCLUSIVE supply contract for a fixed term (approximately five years) as the only sailmaker of sails allowed to be used in Class Competition.

Following months of careful assessment and tenders from a group of 10 sail lofts around the world, this concept has now been adopted by the Class Globe 5.80. This stops a potential ‘arms race’ of 5.80 Class sailors investing more and more money into race winning sails that require close scrutiny by event organisers to confirm compliance of each sail. Importantly, it keeps sail cost affordable and with all sailors using identical sails, competition is high and no less fun. Safeguards are in place to ensure that the only price increases allowed are capped to material cost increases and cost of living CPI index, on an annual basis over the five year term. 

Top priorities when selecting the exclusive loft was to protect the investment that builders have made in their Globe 5.80, by ensuring we have serious racing sails that offer the best performance for both serious ocean crossing and club racing at a realistic price! Put simply, sails that the owners are proud to use!

We now have the best materials and the most current thinking on sail design specific to the Globe 5.80, all supported by a warranty and loft support around the world.

Message from Don on 20/6/2021

As founder of the Class Globe 5.80, I am excited to finally announce that QUANTUM SAILS in Annapolis USA are the official supplier of exclusive one design sails for the next five years. It was a tough decision to make going down this track and then even harder deciding on who would get the contract.

We did not choose the cheapest, but I am confident we have chosen the best. The sail design, spec and quality build, backed by a prestigious international loft at the leading edge of the sport is a huge plus.

The decision was made nearly a year ago and, in that time, Covid and other factors have driven the cost up 7–10% , which is part of the new reality. Our agreement with Quantum ensures there will be no cost increases now for 12 months.

As exclusive 5.80 sailmaker for five years, they have agreed that any cost increases are limited to official inflation, cost of living increases and labor increases calculated only every 12 months, and materials increases which take effect only 6 weeks after first advice of those increases.

A copy of the final sail design, panel shapes used for the 5.80 sails have been provided to Class Globe 5.80 for security, ONLY ever to be used if for any reason Quantum Sails are not able to continue producing 5.80 sails. This is important to ensure all future sails remain one design spec to the fleet and original sails can be replicated. 

All 5.80 one design sails are covered by the usual manufacturer’s warranty to the original purchaser.

Globe 5.80 builders can use any sails for the club racing but on official Globe 5.80 events or in 5.80 one design divisions within other larger multi-fleet events ONLY the official Quantum sails may be used.

In the months ahead a Code 0 and a downwind spinnaker may be developed for club racing.

Don McIntyre
5.80 Founder