Official Globe 5.80 One Design Self Assembly Rig Kits

We are currently finalising the OFFICIAL GLOBE 5.80 RIG KITS, including a self assembly SELDEN mast, boom, running pole, standing and full running rigging package, matched with a complete set of Blue Shark aluminium Delrin ball bearing blocks, cam cleats, mainsheet track system and an A5 gennaker, continuous line furling system. All will be available to order mid October.

The first rig is being built now (September 2020) and will be assembled and tested in Les Sables FRANCE in October with video reports on the process, so you can see the items clearly. The OFFICIAL GLOBE 5.80 RIG KIT is complete including two main halyards, two gennaker halyards, jib halyard, pole lift, storm jib halyard, all main reefing lines. All standing rigging including running backstays. The mast section is sleeved, with swept spreaders, boom and spinnaker pole included all delivered in a 4m tube for export anywhere in the world by International AIR courier, or could be dispatched to your local SELDEN dealer for pick up. The section is matched to the mainsail to run optional Rutgerson Batten cars rather than standard compression slides. The Blue Shark package includes the following:

SN DescriptionQuantity
1Mast foot block 38mm8
2Deck turning block sheaves 4 x 38mm2
3Deck turning block sheaves 2 x 38mm1
4Single Deck cheek block 38mm1
5Runners top 38mm2
6Runners Bottom jamb. 38mm + Snap2
7Vang fiddle 38mm top1
9Vang fiddle Bottom 38mm1
10Cunningham Dbl top + Hook 28mm1
11Cunn. Dbl becket bot.+ Snap 28mm1
12Mainsheet Bottom triple Traveller x 571
13Mainsheet track 22 X 1.5M1
17Mainsheet track ends2
18Mainsheet traveller car 550kg1
19Main traveller control blocks 28mm2
20Gennaker block single becket 57mm2
21Sail line control clam cleats8
22Tiller extension aluminium x 6001
23Windvane blocks 28mm deck2
24Windvane blocks 28mm stand up2
25Clam cleats general large no guide2
26Clam cleats general large no guide2
27Clam cleat small guide2
28A5 Furler Drum (7m yacht)1
29A5 Furler Swivel1
30A5 Furler snap1
32Bobstay ring-strop2
35A5 Sprit Ring1

This package can ONLY be ordered through the Globe 5.80 Class and will NOT be available from SELDEN direct. We purchase 5 x mast packages and Blue Shark sets at a time to secure top pricing. The spec is comprehensive, and to Mini Globe Race spec but NOT including VHF aerial, wind indicator or masthead tricolour nav light (all in the PLASTIMO builders pack including a headsail furler if required).

We believe it will take about 1 BIG days work to assemble ready to install, excluding nav, VHF and wind indicator or jib furler. The Blue Shark gear is used exclusively on TREKKA II and you will be able to see that on Trekka reviews. Only mast options are 1. Taper €530 and 2. Extra jib Halyard, sheave-box, outlet…TBA? For Blue Shark gear you can add any item to the above list, from the website including 1. Top down furler for A3, any extra blocks.

Final pricing will be confirmed ONLY after final test, but the first quality Selden/Blue Shark full RIG KIT production packages are expected to cost around €3700 EX Vat ex France for export. You pay freight, duty, tax. We do NOT hold masts/blocks in stock so will only offer delivery time once when we have groups of five owners who have ordered masts, so you may have to wait. If interested you should order early. The order process will be available late October. This kit is NOT compulsory, but will save time, money and is a quality package and it fits straight up onto a Globe 5.80 ready to go. All the tests to fit will have been done. If you’re on a tight budget, YES you buy an approved section and build your own rig and save even more money and you could also simplify the block selection and go without a mainsheet traveller. But we do NOT break this package which is set up for serious ocean sailing.

Globe 5.80 Mast and Boom

It is a realistic option for any 5.80 builder to construct their own mast, boom and complete rig that is safe and sound for transocean voyages. Detailed drawings are in the 5.80 construction plans for SS mast fittings, including spreader bases, timber spreaders, gooseneck and other fittings. It is relatively easy to organise all standing and running rigging required for the complete 5.80 package, leaving your budget in good shape. The other option is to draw up a wish list and order a fully professional package with a warranty from your local rigger, big or small!

The ability to build your own mast or have a local mast maker in your country to do it for you, hinges on access to a suitable 5.80 approved mast section. Because of the international nature of Globe 5.80 sailors, we cannot all use the same section. To solve this issue, we have a process for the approval of mast sections around the world. We will now approve a maximum of one new mast/boom sections in any one country and another one only in the EU.  

Globe 5.80 plans currently include approvals on four mast and boom sections. SELDEN and SPARCRAFT are approved. Class Globe 5.80 will NOW APPROVE a number of NEW mast and boom sections from extrusion suppliers or mast makers ONLY if that company or supplier is prepared to supply raw mast extrusions and cut boom sections to Globe 5.80 builders and any other professional rigger requesting them. A once-only €150 application fee is applicable. Once approved the sections will be listed on the Globe 5.80 website as 5.80 approved.

New sections for approval must meet or be greater than the following minimum mast and boom section specification.

Size7.4cm x 10.5cm
Weight2.1kg per metre
Moments50XX cm4 x 100YY cm4
Size6.8cm x 9.8cm
Weight1.68kg per metre
Moments35XX cm4 x 70YY cm4

Detailed information for the proposed sections, including length of section sold and cost of mast and boom section, should be sent with the application for approval. The €150 registration fee is paid only if the sections meet the required spec and is approved.