One thing that is a standout no brainer - this is going to be one amazing family of people, off together on a truly awesome, low impact, extreme ultimate adventure.

Stop overs will be crazy, conversations unreal and the depth of friendship and bonding at sharing a common challenge, completely unique. This will indeed be a LIFE defining moment for every sailor involved.

Getting around the Cape of Good Hope and then north of Cape Town will be tough. But that’s just the way it is. The only way!

So why entry fees? Excellent question and indeed there could be none and you can sail off on the ultimate solo anytime. But this is a little pet project for me, so entry fees show you’re serious and happy to help. The MGR is NOT the same as the Golden Globe Race or the Ocean Globe Race which are both my absolute priority and major events, but this is HISTORY in the making! It compares to nothing in the world. I just like little boats and big adventures. I’m inspired by the many previous small boat ocean voyages, including around the world. I plan to spend some of my time and money organising an exciting new 5.80 concept and events for those who like the idea of joining an event. I am not doing it for money. There is none. Together we are creating a new family movement! If you would like to form your own National 5.80 Class Association, let’s chat. Thanks.

Don McIntyre, Founder