Builders must use CERTIFIED Waterproof Marine Plywood that meets the requirements of EN 13986:2004+A1 and BS 1088-1:2003.

There are other equivalent standards in different countries but it must be certified marine.

Okoume special plywood is produced with 100% veneers of the tropical hardwood Okoume and is specially manufactured to provide durability and longevity. Its physical characteristics are very stable and can withstand exposure to severe weather conditions for prolonged periods of time. Okoume special plywood is manufactured with selected, higher quality, inner layers veneers.

Performances and applications

The physical properties of selected Okoume veneers, combined with waterproof gluing AW 100 and high standards manufacturing, result in extra durability, suitable for marine and exterior uses in industrial (boat building, road and rail vehicles manufacture) and building (exterior joinery, carpentry, shutter boards, exterior basements, balustrades, riverside panelling) applications. Okoume special plywood is manufactured for applications where routing, inlay carving, countersink or beveling is required.

Technical Specifications

  • General properties and tolerances (ex factory)
  • Thickness: 2.1 3 4 5 6 8 10 12 15 18 20 22 25 30 35 40 mm (custom thickness available upon request)
  • Standard sizes: 2500 X 1220/1250 mm, 2500 X 1830 mm, 3100 X 1530 mm, 3100 X 1830 mm (custom sizes available upon request)
  • Squareness: ±0.25% of the length of the diagonal
  • Moisture content: between 6% and 10%
  • Density: 500 kg/cbm ±10%

Other properties

  • Glue line: Water and waterproof gluing using either Melamine Urea Formaldehyde (MUF) or Phenol Formaldehyde (PF) resins.
  • Face: They present a solid surface that is free from open defects. Face veneers are free of knots other than occasional sparse “sound pin” knots. The veneers are reasonably free from irregular grain. Face veneers are B/BB and their thickness is between 1.0 mm and 1.5 mm.
  • Core Veneers: Selected core veneers, with the same basic characteristics as face veneers, without splits and open knots. There is no limit on the number of closed pin knots or edge joints. Core veneer thickness is between 1.5 mm and 3.0 mm.
  • Finishing: All boards are sanded on both sides equally.

Performance characteristics and standards compliance

  • Standards: Meets the requirements of EN 13986:2004+A1 and BS 1088-1:2003.
  • Bonding quality: Class 3 (EN 314-2)
  • Durability (humidity): Class 3 – External use as non-structural components (EN 636)
  • Formaldehyde class: E1
  • Reaction to fire: class D-s2, d0


  • CE
  • Lloyd’s Register Type Approval No. 05/00052
  • KOMO No.32711/15
  • FSC C007917
  • ISO 9001:2008

List of basic materials for the construction of the Globe 5.80

  1. Sawn timber 25 mm pine or larch 0.3 m3 planned to Approx. 22mm
  2. Oak sawn timber for floors and keel bearers by plan dimensions
  3. Waterproof MARINE plywood 8mm on deck, cockpit, bulkheads and built-in interiors, 11 sheets (1.22m x 2.44m) If you cannot buy 8mm and 10mm marine plywood in your country, you should be able to buy 9mm. This is ok to use for the deck. The extra weight is not a problem. You can then also use 9mm for the hull but you MUST cover the whole hull with another 2nd full layer of glass epoxy cloth.
  4. Waterproof MARINE plywood 5 – 6 mm for cabinets etc. 1 sheet (1.22m x 2.44m)
  5. Waterproof MARINE plywood 10mm for the bottom, side and transom plating 12 sheets (1.22m x 2.44m)
  6. Sikaflex 291 by needs
  7. 4×30 stainless steel screws for screwing plywood plating, 5 kg
  8. 5×50 stainless steel screws for screwing plywood components, 1 kg
  9. Micro balloons, as needed
  10. 200G glass woven fabric 6 kg
  11. 600G glass woven fabric 2 kg
  12. Epoxy resin e.g. Epidian 5kg for gluing and laminating joints (use PAC hardener for gluing) well. 5 kg including hardener (resin consumption may vary, depending on the accuracy of the fit)
  13. Epoxy resin e.g. Epidian 6011 for laminating joints and the entire hull well. 15 kg
  14. Steel sheet for the ballast keel fin Approx. 100 kg dimensions. SS Bolts washers as plan.
  15. Lead for ballast 125 kg + supply up to approx. 20% depends on lead purity
  16. Tubes for Hand rails 25mm, wall 1.5 stainless steel polished, According to the deck plan, Pushpits, Pulpit, stanchions and comprehensive handrails compulsory.
  17. 6 mm thick polycarbonate (for windows), By plan drawing for maximum size. Less is best. Opening windows optional.
  18. ZML Kęty Aluminum profile, A5455 mast, 7.90 m long, A4066 boom 2.70 m long (equivalent Selden Sections and bow sprit detail TBA 1st June 2020)
  19. A4 (1×19) SS wire by 5mm, approx. 33 m
  20. Soft ropes 6 – 8 mm for halyards and control lines. 80 m
  21. 10 mm soft ropes for sheets, approx. 35 m
  22. Sails Max 7..Details to be advised 1st June 2020
  23. Foredeck hatch Minimum size. Mast hatch minimum size

Class Globe 5.80 PLASTIMO master hardware list

The following master list represents the first maximum estimate of all fittings and hardware to build the Class Globe 5.80 apart from the hull, deck, keel, fins, rails, mast, rigging and sails. The list includes every item and more to equip the Globe 5.80 to the 2025 Mini Globe Race specification, including personal safety equipment and gear for up to four-day sailors for club racing. Each item is available from the EU PLASTIMO catalogue and part numbers are shown. This list will be adjusted once the first prototype ClassGlobe 5.80 (01) is finished in the second quarter of 2020.

Sailing around the bay you will need none of the ‘extra’ gear. Keep it simple! And light. This allows a comprehensive micro cruiser fitout including a galley sink and foot pump. But no fitted toilet… Good luck!

While not compulsory to use (some builders may use much less, or none at all of a particular item) it is a great master reference point and available to purchase from Plastimo around the world. Catalogue numbers are middle row. All items will be described, discussed and shown fitted during the build process of the Hull No. 01 online blog and subsequent sailing trials and international publicity, so you can check it out then.



A10 Light sticks196681off
BSignal mirror271772off
CInflatable lifebuoy650191off
ERescue sling357131off
FSafety Ladder290091off
GReflective tape609062off
IFloating cushion515612off
KLife flag616891off
LFluro dye3011244off
MFluro Dye622362off
NRadar reflector236481off
OFire extinguisher383541off
PFire blanket657571off
RFirst aid kit ocean660041off
SWaterproof storage62341-62342-62343-623441each
VAIS SRS608752off
WFlare kit676951off
XWhite Flare617122off
YMini Flares353062off
ZWhite mini3005801off
1Odeao Led Flare664751off
2Paddle boat hook443651off
3Oar lock set29612 and 296101 set
4Guardian anchor 361041off
5Mooring package352021off
6Life Raft MINI6.50615941off
7Life-raft locker catch4194511box
8Anchor swivel4024521off


AXM Offshore Jacket red
BXM Offshore Trousers red
CTeam Gloves21021532off
EGilet SL 180655392off
FRearming kit Hamar641163off
GAuto light22630714off
HSafety Knife654751off
IPilot 165667892off
JCrutch strap505242off
LRecharge kit401992off
MClip Lines668381off
NClip Lines668401off
OClip Lines668651off


AMooring cleats137852off
BMooring cleat617272off
CMainsheet take off4023332off
DPole bracket4169091off
FOutboard bracket515661off
GCockpit hatch658894off
HBunk hatch621164off
ISTB. Mid bunk hatch621081off
JHatch locks653884off
KComp hatch638911off
LForedeck hatch638861off
MMast hatch638821off
OInspection cover273561off
PPorts round lock653982off
QScrew clear 100931452off
RMushroom v4161481off
SDome v133591off
TDorade vent116611off
VU Bolts4101811box
WStem saddle137581box
YFlat fenders644022off
ZFlat fenders644032off
1Boarding ladder293981off
2Halyard stowage bags379944off
3Halyard stowage bags379934off
5Barrel bolts412752 and 4127543 of each
6Catch421571 and 4015491box each


ASpinnaker sheet blocks666542off
BSpin Halyard66613 and 666141 each
CMast base blocks666368off
DMast base holder610612off
EMast block666441off
FTurn blocks666472off
GControl lines610638off
HVang system66734 and 667281 of each
IMainsheets x266756 and 667412 of each
JGenoa Cars315954off
KGenoa slide315962off
LTowable end360102off
MEnd caps316025off
NGenoa Track316002off
OSlider adjuster cam27522 and 293814each
PRope polyester 10mm63820 and 512711 roll each
QRope Polyester 8mm63814 and 638061 roll each
RRope Polyester 6mm48126 and 481121 roll each
SPoly lanyard428671off
UWarp 12mP532141roll
VAuto snap4118591off
WFairleads168001 box
XFurling gear582021off
YFurling Line cam cl293841off
ZBlocks and sheets package170711off
1Halyard diverter256771off
2Wind indicator171171off
4Cleats mast gear18128310off
5Cleats misc1812824off
6Turning blocks106062off
7Dead eye leads166852 boxes
8Leads small166816 boxes
9Tiller extension30037, tiller clip 64274, spare joint 654131 each
12Winch cams275242off
13Winch handle294582off
14Handle holder106241off
16Rope clutches, SMGG1868104off
17Runner tackle66612, 66620, 4097873 sets
18Bowsprit block666141off
19Storm jib deadeyes464222off
20Two preventer blocks666222off
21Wind-vane blocks667614off
23Tiller wind-vane cams1814372off
246mm j137032off
25Main reef b667616off


AEcho sounder637561off
BCompass28976 and 293611 each
CHB Compass63876 and 224771 each
ESignal Sheet171431off
FPen Holder19970091off
GNav Rule295201off
IClock, Baro, Hydro38207, 38208, 382091 of each
JCode Flag set643711off
LFlags Q, France64336 and 643111 of each


AVHF HH670361off
BVHF, AIS, GPS649471off
CAriel VHF467381off
ERadio receiver Sangean607911off
FUSB Charger663021off
GUSB wp cables645772off
HAdapter for iPad642441off
IFan 12v653161off
JBatteries 50am AGM4748842off
KBattery switch175401off
LSwitch panel v meter669941off
MSwitch panel 12v out669921off
NTricolor nav lt618481off
O3pin WT Plug175391off
PNav lights led comp49450, 49446, 4790781 set of each?
QNavi light649811off
RRail mount649851off
SFlood light619251off
TSearch light recharge640251off
UHead lamp667792off
VLight red/wt4766152off
WWT Gland641452off


ABilge pump395411off
BEnds 90d427982off
CManual pump270751off
DHose clamps 383583710off
EHose clamp 19358338off
FHose clamps 12mm
GHose clamps – Sink
HNon-return valve427972off
IExit bilge pump 38656251off
JExit bilge pump 19656321off
KBilge strainer4188351off
LElect.T800 Pump1864821off
NFloat switch4240771off
O10l container2723911off
SSink Drain Reducer/adapter410654 and 4262531 of each
TSkin fitting/valve/hose barb404629, 13524, 445381 of each?
UFuel can P. 10L620151off


AAntifouling white 2.5L654562off
BRed .75L654521off
CEpoxy primer655532off
DThinners65554 and 655561each
EMasking Tape 19mm636372off
FRepair tape493251off
GScrub Pads186714 and 1867131each