The Class Globe 5.80 Association is supported and underwritten by McIntyre Adventure and is owned and managed by the Australia company Ocean Frontiers Pty Ltd (represented by Don McIntyre).

Aims and Objectives

  • To establish, promote and manage a 5.80m one-design-class plywood yacht, that is a safe, simple, exciting and fun to sail, versatile, ocean voyaging yacht, that anyone can build with low environmental impact and cost.
  • To support National Class Globe 5.80 Associations (CG5.80A) around the world with three or more yachts, encouraging new builders and creating local events at club, offshore and ocean level.
  • To organise and manage a responsible risk-mitigated, trade-wind route, solo MINI GLOBE RACE 2025 for those who dare to participate.  

Association Structure

The CG5.80A will be directed by a board, initially appointed by Don McIntyre consisting of a Chairman, and up to three board members. Don McIntyre will hold the position of Chairman of the Board until at least November 2027.

The Chairman of the Board and one other board member “may” be appointed by a Director of Ocean Frontiers Pty Ltd at any time. From March 2026, the other two board members will be appointed by the membership and hold that position for a four-year term.

Each National Association will appoint, by popular vote at an annual meeting, a Director of that National Association and that person is the authorised contact point for the CG5.80A Board.

Annual General Meetings of the International CG5.80A will be held, starting from November 2021, in a country and at a time to be announced by the CG5.80A Chairman, and will be open to all registered CG5.80A members.

Founding board members of the International Class Globe 5.80 Association:

Don McIntyre (Australia)
Eli Van den Broek (Holland)
Sailor, commentator and lover of small boats
Piotr Czarniecki (Poland)
Boat builder, Solo Transatlantic SETKA A sailor on ‘ATOM’