Bob Salmon developed the idea of a mini-transatlantic race in England in the late 1970s with the intent of promoting affordable offshore solo racing.

It was partially conceived as a response to the trend for bigger and more expensive boats such as sailed in the OSTAR race that seemed to exclude ocean racing for sailors with moderate budgets.

As a race, the need for speed has since led to the current Classe Mini 6.50 Proto and Series yachts. All very exciting, but now in itself the Mini Transat Class is increasingly expensive, with new foiling scows tipping the scale at over €300,000. While second hand production built POGOs Minis can be bought relatively cheap, they usually require work to be competitive and some sailors, both young and old are not able to, or do not wish to sail these demanding, high performance boats. Many are intimidated by the prospect, yet they dream of the challenge, excitement and satisfaction of long-distance small boat racing in a simple inexpensive, safe, ocean-going yacht. Now they can.

Welcome to the return of affordable solo ocean racing in the spirit of the original 1977 Mini Transat. Welcome to the McIntyre Class Globe 5.80 one design yacht.

McIntyre Adventure is excited to present the new McIntyre Class Globe 5.80 one design yacht and a proposed series of future adventure trans-ocean events for solo sailors, that will ultimately lead to a Class Globe 5.80 around the world event, the 2025 Mini Globe Race. 

Many famous international sailors started their solo sailing career in the early Mini Transat races, including Frenchman Jean-Luc Van Den Heede. He entered the first two editions in 1977 and 1979 in plywood boats, both designed by Philippe Harlé.

He has great memories of those exciting days of raw simple adventure in simple little boats. He came third and second and then went on to complete six solo circumnavigations taking podium finishes in the BOC Challenge and Vendee Globe races and still holds the fastest east-west record for any yacht, mono or multihull.

Jean-Luc Van Den Heede

Recently he won the 2018 Golden Globe Race at 73 years of age and remembers well the serious challenge and great satisfaction of sailing small boats across oceans. He likes the Class Globe 5.80 and says if he was younger, it would be very exciting to sail and a lot of fun!

She’s a mini SUV of the oceans. Superb! I love this boat. Oh boy if I was younger – wow!

Jean-Luc Van Den Heede