Owner and Builder Registrations

When an owner purchases a set of Registered and Numbered Class Globe 5.80 construction plans, they may, or may not decide to register that yacht with CG5.80A and build it to One Design Class rules. If not, that yacht may be built to any standard and used as the owner wishes, but it can NEVER be brought back into the CG5.80A Class at any time in the future, even though it may appear similar.

To achieve FULL CG5.80A Initial Classification and Registration of the Yacht, the purchaser of the construction plans must agree to and abide by the following conditions and sign a declaration to the effect, that the owner agrees to the following when purchasing the plans:

1. To build or have built the Class Globe5.80 to the best of his/her ability as described in the plans and building detail abiding by all directions and instructions contained within as a minimum, but extra strengthening “may” be allowed subject to approval.

2. To establish and maintain free to the public during the entire build process, a builders blog with detailed pictures and general descriptions of every build process through to completion and sailing, allowing anyone to log on and inspect the quality of work. This site should then be maintained for future reference for at least five years after launching of that Class Globe 5.80.

3. To have the final timber glass hull deck bulkhead and interior fit-out (prior to fittings) accurately weighed by an “approved” independent third party (checking minimum weight with certified scales) and the result forwarded to both the National (if one exists) and International CG5.80A.

4. To have the completed keel structure surveyed and weighed by an “approved” independent third party, to confirm compliance with Build Specifications and weight with the results forwarded to both the National (if one exists) and international CG5.80A.

5. Agree to use only the official CG5.80A certified set of three rudder gudgeons and pintles, chain plates and stem fitting supplied by Ocean Frontiers Pty Ltd. Engraved and numbered to match plan set. Full Price: €1,680.00 (Special 33% discount at €1292 per set if you buy at a bulk order offer. Link for buying is here.)

6. Agree to place the two Class Globe 5.80 safety orange mainsail patches, one on each side at the head of the main sail, and the McIntyre Adventure Class Globe 5.80 logo each side of the cabin as described.  

7. That the owner and builder take full and complete responsibility for the construction and safety of Class Globe 5.80 once launched, that the captain of the Class Globe 5.80 is always solely responsible for the safety of all persons onboard, and that the designer, owner and promoter of the Class Globe 5.80 make no representation as to the design’s safety, or suitability, as being fit for any purpose whatsoever, other than day sailing in good weather and calm conditions and that the designer, owner and promoter of the Class Globe 5.80 take no responsibility for the Class Globe 5.80 yacht once built. The owner/builder also accepts and acknowledges that it is the owner/builder’s complete and total responsibility to determine if the design is fit for any purpose whatsoever and once built, if the yacht is seaworthy for any sailing or voyage. The owner/builder also acknowledges that sailing in any body of water, both fresh and salt, is inherently dangerous and can and does cause injury and death. The owner acknowledges that the designer and owner/promoters of the Class Globe 5.80 one design are NON EXPERT in such matters and their advice or recommendations should not be taken seriously.

Class Globe 5.80 Registrations

The Class Globe 5.80 process of One Design Registration is detailed, but simple to accomplish. It is only done once, when the yacht is complete and ready to sail. Once registered, that yacht is then able to race in 5.80 One Design events.

A second stage of 5.80 CERTIFICATION, when the hull is actually measured and keel bulbs weighed a second time, will take place at a mutually convenient time by a 5.80 Class approved measurer.

5.80 Registration includes:

  1. Providing proof of marine plywood certification
  2. Compliance with approved Glass Epoxy laminate schedule
  3. Minimum structural weight certification
  4. Keel structural welding and weight certification
  5. Compliance to 5.80 “Building Plan” declaration
  6. Mast and Rigging approvals and registration

Combined with the compulsory purchase and fitting of the stainless rudder and chain plate fittings pack and the use of One Design sails, it creates the universal One Design 5.80 Class.

Once all processes are completed, the owner is provided with the 5.80 Class Registration Certificate, Globe 5.80 bulkhead plaque, two official Globe 5.80 insignias (to be attached each side of the hull), four Globe 5.80 and two McIntyre Adventure stickers, plus a Globe 5.80 Class flag and 580 T-SHIRT. This registration pack costs €200 plus postage.

To race in any event, it is an ABSOLUTE requirement to BUILD the Globe 5.80 to design plan specifications with a blog to achieve initial Class Globe 5.80 registration. All 5.80 plans purchased before 1 November 2020 receive FREE Initial Registration up until 1 November 2021. 5.80 Plans purchased after 1 November 2020 (initial once only) 5.80 Registration will cost €200.

Transfer of the Certificate of Registration to a new owner will incur a €200 transfer fee.

Annual Class Registration is €55. It is not mandatory for a 5.80 to remain registered with the CG5.80A, so if you drop out for a year, it does not affect the status of the yacht as a Class Globe 5.80 yacht but you are financially unregistered. Your race number is held permanently on file by the International CG5.80A. But if your 5.80 becomes UNREGISTERED you cannot enter 5.80 events. At any time thereafter, a Class Globe 5.80 yacht may rejoin the CG5.80A by application and a re-registration fee of €225 after a simple yacht condition survey FORM. However, by remaining a registered member of the CG5.80A, you will assist the operation of the class and participate in the exchange of information with other Class Globe 5.80 members around the world and keep up with the latest news and developments and be able to enter Official Globe 5.80 events.

Registration Documents