A Mini with heart and soul

Sailing with positive flotation makes your Globe 5.80 unsinkable. It is obviously a good thing, but it comes at a cost. You will lose valuable usable space and, depending on your planned use of the 5.80, space may be important. For that reason and considering that the hull is split into three watertight compartments, Full Flotation is not a compulsory requirement for your Class Globe 5.80. You can fit it if you like.

To achieve full flotation is simple. Just fit foam flotation greater than the dead weight of the structure, so if you fill with water, the foam and timber structure combined keep you afloat. It could be permanently fitted foam, or temporarily fitted securely for a particular voyage and removed later. You could use styrene foam, high density foam, two pack foam, even cut foam rubber sheets.   

The two attached drawings show you the capacity of front and rear compartments that could be used for flotation. Combined they give a total of 1377kg buoyancy, more than enough to remain afloat with full flooding. The timber and plywood in construction also provide buoyancy. The only thing trying to sink you is your keel, rig and all your heavy equipment. Ideally the buoyancy should be as low as possible to float the boat higher if you are flooded. That is also a great place to store all your heavy gear, so if you’re knocked down or rolled over, it helps with your righting ability. The 5.80 designed point of vanishing stability is 142° unloaded.

Later this year we may develop a suggested voluntary positive flotation plan, but for now it is not a priority. Please remember with positive flotation you will still be required to carry a life-raft to meet the safety equipment standard for Class Globe 5.80 trans ocean races.