The Globe 5.80 CNC Kit

This Globe 5.80 CNC Kit is going to be a DREAM for sailors and builders. Working with Alan Stewart at to develop the CNC file has been pure pleasure and exciting! They are our agents for USA. You can buy your kit now from any of the 5.80 kit suppliers listed below. If you’re a timber kit supplier, or timber boat builder with CNC cutter in a country NOT listed below and interested in joining the 5.80 family producing kits, please contact us. We now have sailors in 22 countries starting to build.

New Zealand
West AustraliaComing Soon
South Africa
PortugalComing Soon
ChileComing Soon
IndiaComing Soon
FranceComing Soon
ItalyComing Soon
PolandComing Soon
TurkeyComing Soon
CanadaComing Soon
GreeceComing Soon

Your Mini to go!

Please remember, if you do not have a big budget, the CNC kit is NOT needed!

The Class Globe 5.80 is designed for simple construction, with ordinary hand tools. The kit is a beautiful ‘option’ only.  Just buy the marine plywood and raw materials to create your own dream. It will save you money and an affordable dream is my vision for the Globe 5.80 Mini. She is Every Sailors Mini with the big heart and soul. Your soul, as you’re building it, with or without the 5.80 CNC kit. Please remember you can buy quality raw material only from the kit suppliers also.

No kit supplier in your country yet?

After buying your plans, we can supply the CNC cutting file to your local cutting shop. So when you find it, ask them if they will and how much. Then go buy your plywood and raw timber, deliver it and pick it up when they are done.

You’re a commercial boat builder with a CNC router in your workshop?

We can supply the Official 5.80 CNC File to you, to cut your own kit (no need to buy from the official kit supplier). But ONLY for the Globe 5.80 you are about to build, on your own premises.

You bought 5.80 plans and want to cut your kit locally. Can you buy the Official 5.80 CNC file to do that?

Not if you have a kit supplier in your county. You must then buy the kit from one of the official agents. No other cutting file is accepted for 5.80 Class Registration.

What is included in the 5.80 kit?

The ultimate sailors DIY flat pack to assemble in your garage! Many of our kit suppliers are building their own kit. The cutting file is comprehensive, the assembly instruction sheets detailed and the video guide fantastic. Each supplier will decide what they intend to include and the various packages at different prices. It may include all your epoxy, glass cloth, screws, bolts, glues, brushes, gloves, mixing dishes, safety equipment etc. Some even offer training courses. You could make your foundation building frame from salvaged simple wood, but the design is shown, and they can include that. All the rest is in the kit. If you buy all the components, including windows and frames you need nothing else. All is available including cut frames, gussets, bulkheads, hull deck plating, cockpit panels, cabin sides and observation pod with window cut outs (or without if you’re fitting opening windows like me). Polycarbonate cut windows, bunk risers, stem timbers, quarter bulkheads, keel floors, galley and chart table modules (2m bunks). Templates for keel floors, centre plywood piece for the rudder and rudder skeg and more.

Buying the kit

The first thing to do, is buy the Globe 5.80 Plans and get your hull registration number. Without that, the kit supplier will NOT sell you a kit. They are happy to talk to you anytime (even without your hull number) about kit components and even helping to build your hull and deck for you to fit out, or taking it to completion. Good luck. Looking forward to seeing you on the water soon!

Don McIntyre