Plans are purchased from the shop using the link below:

You will need to fill out buyer details including full name, contact details and delivery address. In Europe, your registered and numbered paper plans will be sent by registered post (included in the price) with tracking numbers. Outside Europe, we will provide plans by email.

You will also need to agree to the builders blog and comply with certain other conditions like confirming you have read all the Q&A sheets on this website. Once payment is received, your details are passed to Janusz the designer in Poland. He will contact you by email and forward a consent form to build one Class Globe 5.80 only, which you must sign and return to him. Once received, he will mail the plans to you. Then you can get really excited!

Good luck!

Update 19th May 2020: Sailors in 27 countries are now preparing to build the Globe 5.80 either from raw materials or the official 5.80 CNC full timber kits available from any one of our 15 passionate 5.80 agents worldwide. It is very clear that just 8 weeks from the official launch of the Class Globe 5.80, whole fleets will be established in Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, America and Europe sooner than we ever imagined.

The cost of full construction plans is just €300. You can follow the builders blogs and watch the kit instruction videos to appreciate the simplicity, satisfaction and sheer joy of building your own Mini. Nothing could be simpler. 500 hours of work will get you sailing. It all begins with the first step! Buying 5.80 plans is part of a dream. When your plans arrive, the dream goes LIVE! 

Everything is possible, so good luck!