As Globe 5.80s start to build around the world, each owner/builder MUST create a comprehensive builder blog with photos and statistics, that is open to the public.

All 5.80 blogs will be listed here so anyone interested will be able to follow each boat being built. This will be very educational and answer all questions future builders may have by watching progress. Please check back over the coming weeks, as the first two prototypes start up and experienced builders lay their keels. Amateur builders will get their plans from June 1 2020 and you will see a rapid increasing in builds at that time. Thanks for following.

Builders’ Blogs

5.80 Builders Blog Requirements

Your 5.80 blog should be fun to make. It is a great way to show family and friends what you’re up to. It is also a VERY important tool for Class Globe 5.80 to keep an eye on the status of your build in relation to the plans, helping you make a better Globe 5.80. A simple free blog is WordPress. If you are not familiar with it, ask a friend to show you. You’re also doing a great service to all future builders who follow you. They will read every word and study every picture! They will see how you have done it which makes things so much clearer and simple, encouraging them to turn their dreams to reality and creating bigger 5.80 fleets around the world. 

It is great if you can keep track of the number of days spent building up to that particular blog, and if you feel like listing costs so far. Everyone wants to know how much to build a 5.80. The blog is also a mandatory requirement if you hope to have your Class Globe 5.80 registered for life!  

You MUST register your builders blog link BEFORE you start building. The minimum required blog posts with descriptive pictures MUST cover the following stages:

  • Making frames.
  • Setting up fames and stingers.
  • Hull plating.
  • Hull epoxy sheeting and fairing.
  • Roll hull and deck plating/glass-fairing.
  • Internal plywood fit and crash box.
  • Keel floors.
  • Weighing hull.
  • Rudder construction. Gudgeon/pintle and all chain plate fittings.
  • Keel construction and weighing.
  • Companionway hatch, watertight doors and deck hatches, vents and windows.
  • Mounting of handrails, pushpit/pulpit, bowsprit, safety harness attachments and towing bow bollard including backing plates.

Here is a typical SETKA A Builders blog (Google translate it) as an example of what your blog should look like. It contains a lot of interesting information as well:

Jakub Dąbrowski has a series on Youtube called SPA 2020 Boatbuilding. It details his rapid progress building his 5m SETKA Design by Janusz Maderski. Jakub is producing GREAT videos, easy to understand and the construction process is the same as the Globe 5.80, so you can learn a few things watching his fine video clips and be inspired. You can subscribe to his channel Thanks Jakub. Here are the first three videos of the series:

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3